August 17, 2009

The Daily Round-up

If you're currently reading this post: I can safely assume that you have enough internet savoir-faire to manage checking your emails and stalking your frienemies on your favourite social networking website on a day-to-day basis.

If you're reading this post and have a fashion blog of your own, then you're more than likely to be: Doing the above while simultaneously reading your top ten favourite blogs for inspiration, posting on your own and keeping up to date with daily fashion website posts all the while sipping on your skinny latte and tapping away at your Blackberry. Am I right? Or wait; was that a bi-daily ritual?

For those of us caught up in this fast-paced virtual practise, we can never be at the height of our game. We think we've got every inch of the internet covered until we realise there is still a glistening, bejewelled stone we haven't yet up-turned.

Personally this has happened over and over as I've grown up exploring different facets of the fashion industry and as my taste has matured along side with me. First, it was back in my fourteen-year-old hey-day when accessories were oversized and over-coloured (See: Nicole Richie when she started shedding the pounds). Celebrities were dominantly my main source of inspiration and when that failed, it was the Vogue Forums that over-rode MySpace in terms of teenage internet addiction. After being kicked off the forums three times (they found out I was under sixteen) I gave up and abused the majority of my newfound income on buying Vogue, Bazaar and Vanity Fair.

Today I have a bunch of dailies for which I receive the daily emails, check the news and view blogs for inspiration. A short while ago I posed my Blogtastic list of my favourite blogs which for the sake of boring my readers I won't post again for you now.

It's the amount of fashion websites I subscribe to that interests me - and the one's I don't know about that fascinate me even more.

The Daily Email
The Business of Fashion is my most recent discovery. It's the actual guts of the fashion industry spelt out in Layman's terms for those of us who think that ringing the NYSE opening bell is reserved for Manolo Blahnik clad fashionistas a la Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City. BoF explores all issues at the intersection of fashion and business and if you subscribe to the daily mail out you don't have to do the hard yards sifting through every financial advisory online to find all the news relating to the fashion industry.
Pedestrian.TV claims to be the house of popular culture - and they're right. Ash, the head writer for the daily mailout is witty, well informed and has the hots for Miranda Kerr. I've already been accused of copying his content which I wholeheartedly take as a compliment given that he's up to speed and has great taste in which collections he chooses to update us all on. The daily mail out comes at around 4pm AEST Monday to Friday.

StyleCaster always greets me with "Hello Miann, here is your daily Style Cast". Cute huh? They let me know the weather here in Brisbane (which I find to be very Michi Girl-esque but handy nonetheless); I get my Forecast which tells me which sales are on and where, and then I'm invited to the news room to read up on all the latest industry news. The news on StyleCaster is a little lighter than the BoF content which is good because I don't know if I could handle reading numbers and stocks all afternoon.
Fashionista Events sends me my bi-weekly Sequins of Events consisting of all local insider sales, launches and fashion lunches and gets me VIP access by RSVPing through the site. The best thing about this site is it's localised to your capital city which you select upon signing up.

The Daily Digest
Fashionista is a great little website to make me feel like a bitchin' fashionista. The authors of the posts sometimes bitch (but never as much as the commenters) and they cover great content such as editorials, insider scoops and they drink a ton of coffee. Just don't ever cover their content without crediting them for the scoop - the girls over at Fashionista are fucking ruthless.
Fashion Gone Rogue is a great little website that posts all the latest fashion editorials from all over the globe. If you're right into editorial content as insipration then head to FGR every day as they don't ever miss the beat when it comes to exclusively posting hints of forthcoming editorial campaigns.
Vogue Australia Fashion News is a little slow but it doesn't hurt checking here for quirkly little stories and interviews regarding Australian fashion. If you're looking for news content without being bombarded with self proclamation than this might not be for you. But for me on the petty income of a uni-student that doesn't actually allow room for buying Vogue - then this is enough for now.

There are a few more websites that I regularly cross in the blogosphere but don't really get into such as WWD, TFS and FWD and for the love of me I have no idea why. But I'm very keen to know what fashion websites you visit for your daily fix.


The Stylemaster said...

great post! is probably one of my most visited sites, check it out! x

Emma said...
The Cut:
Jenna on Jezebel:


ATJ said...

Great post.
Yours is definitely a daily check - aided now by my updated Safari!
Other dailies would be and the russh blog for the auzzie hit over here in the uk

Would be great to hear what you think!

ELVIA said...


p.s. so are you planning to work in editorials/mag publications?