May 25, 2009


I've been away for a few days and came back to find that this little old blog has reached its first 1000 views. If my blog could speak, this is what it would say:

"Thank you to all my old faithfuls (followers) who frequent me and indulge in my pretty pictures and long sentences. I apoligise for my long sentences. Thank you for all your comments, I like it when you comment me it's kind of like our blogs are having cyber blog sex. It's nice. To everyone that hates me: fuck you. I don't like you either. Your anonymous comments are real shit because there are plenty of others out there who think I am a lovely blog. I am only two months young and if I were a real person, I'd still be crapping myself and spewing on your lovely blouses, but thankfully I'm not.

PS. Please buy Miann a camera/tripod/remote. I know she's really poor and is dying to fill me with pictures.

Fashion Flasehood."

So to celebrate, I'm doing a re-post! It's lame, I know but I thought I'd just share with you some of my favourite posts I've come across thus far.

Much love,

Miann x

Rag Pony - Lula #10
This was a post about my favourite magazine - Lula. She basically put into words my thoughts/feelings on issue 10. Emma fucking RULES because scrolling through her posts is like flipping through the pages of a magazine. She cuts out the sweetest images, reviews the best magazines, does the best wrap ups of seasons and goes to all these awesome events and blogs about it.

4th and Bleeker - Chain Reaction
What can I say? This chick is so hot it's fucked up. She's got the bod, got the wardrobe, got the remote to her camera, got the studio and apparantly got the best boyf around. If only I could know her name and stalk her. All I know is she lives in Surry Hills (Sydney)... In this post she's got the whole one side tuck thing going on that's soooo Erin Wasson. Yum.

BEACH 11:29 - Kate Lanphear
I'm going to hunt down Kelsey whenever I make it over to the Big Apple. She's got a poetic streak and is hilarious. She posts the coolest shit and is up for a laugh. Also, she's the only black person (with an American accent) I know which is an extra bonus because if I met her I'd make her say all the typical things, and I'm sure she'd me make me say shit like "shrimp on the barbie, mate," etc. Oh, and she's actually met Kate Lanphear in person.

How do you incoroporate fashion and quotes without looking like one of those twelve-year-olds who decides they're suddenly obsessed with Coco Chanel and puts her quotes in their MSN names? Do what Jessica of January does. She chucks together inspiring fashion collages and always throws in a handy quote. If she's not cutting and pasting, she's purchase posting, sharing pretty pictures and calling hot chicks spotted on cobrasnake "cobra cuties". PS. she has mad tattoos.

Well for starters, tobacco and leather are two of my favourite things which instantly ticks the blog-name box for this girl. Always posting the upmost of inspirational pictures, Abbey who studies fashion textile design in London has a pretty sweet blog. She's also an awesome drawer. I loved this post because I have a thing for animal masks.

This is the official blog of my official hero. After reading her book Dear Diary because it sounded like it was going to be similar to Go Ask Alice, I instantly fell inlove with Lesley. She writes like my other hero Mia Tampino (who writes for Frankie but also had a stint at Russh). But my two worlds collided when Lesley started doing a column for Russh. Talk about creaming your pants. Whoaaaa. Lesley keeps it realer than real.
Photo: InterviewMagazine

Daniella is super hot and has sweet clothes/taste in images. Nuff said. All the photos in this post rule. This house is super run down and super filthy. It's a super post!

I don't know where she sources them from but Silvie of How Cutee pretty much posts stills from all your favourite movies. You know, the kind of movies you are instantly obsessed with and want to watch a further three times plus all the extras on the DVD. Yeah well she posts the stills you can't seem to find on google images. For me, The Virgin Suicides was one of those movies so it's only natural this is my favourite post of hers.


liana said...

yep. lesley arfin is my hero too.
happy 1000th!

LV said...

congratulations on your 1000th visit - heres to another 1000! xxx

tobaccoandleather said...

That is one sweet post! and you're not the only one who gets the annonymous commenters, i got told i was uninspiring, unoriginal and very untalented the other day! haha!

i especially enjoyed the bit about being 2 months old hahaha, actually made me do a bit of a laugh.

thanks for featuring me in here and im with the above, here's to another 1000!!

i'll check my links are up to date and make sure you're on my blog :) and not just because you're nice, because i like your blog!


loft in soho said...

Great and amazing post dear! All your links are really good, I love your blog, I've added you to my links,
congrats on your 1000!!!!


Miriam said...

congrats on your 1000!!
love all the pictures!!

tobaccoandleather said...

ha ha, nice comment on the V V film! i can completely see what you're saying, not much happens, but i'm a nosey bitch sometimes and enjoyed being a fly on the wall for a little while.

i love how straight talking you are, can't beat that!


blackbook said...

dear diary = aaaamazing.

blackbook said...

oh and also enjoy lesley's articles for russh - makes me giggle.

Girl next blog said...

I loooove The Virgin Suicides and all the Sofia Coppola's movies - so great!


Emma said...

Oh mate thankyou so much!! That has totally made my morning!!! and brightened up my currently stressed/exhausted/guiltfilled life haha can't wait for the holidays - will be blogging (and blogreading) like mad xo

trigg and trig. said...

totally haven't seen some of these blogs.

congrats blog. you deserve it.

Anonymous said...

second you are the sweetest/feisty-est thing ever if you were here right now in ny i'd kiss you but i guess that give your bf a furrowed brow huh
thanks for featuring me i love what you said its so me and it made me blush
keep it up girrllll
im glad our blogs met up and had multiple cyber space sex
as always

jessica said...

congratulationssss :]
& thanks, you're a sweetie !

F Blog said...

Ahhh omg thank you so much lover! I lovee your blog you are amazing!!! Congrats on your first 1000 !!!

CAMILLE said...

great post...haven't heard some of these blogs!

camille x

S.A.A. said...

Ahhhh I had no idea Lesley had a blog how stupid of me of course she would!!! I so want to read Dear Diary do they sell it at borders? Thank you for this glorious revelation.

xo querido.

Heavy Metal Fashion said...

Some amazing links here...


I love F blog and 4th. Very inspiring girls.