May 10, 2009

What the fuck do you want?

After about two weeks of fucking everything up I'm feeling a little unstable.
I currently want the following, but before that I beg the question: What the fuck do you want?

I want to go out and party the hardest I ever have.
I want to hybernate under my doona for a season and wake up radiant, healthy and new.
I want to study for 24 hours straight and complete my degree by tomorrow.
I want to rid my life of distractions and personal paperweights.
I want to know if there's life on Mars, where it is and how I can get there.
I want to buy a type writer - or find my old one and use it more often.I want to go to a foreign country, have no money and not speak a word of the dialect.
I want to write and write and write until I can't remember why I started writing.
I want to sit on the floor of a steamy shower and never, ever get out.
I want to get lost somewhere and find my way out.
I want to finish my portfolio and start approaching editors.I want to experience free love, free spirits and the music of the 70s.
I want to stop procrastinating and quit smoking.
I want to get the fuck out of Brisbane.
I want to hide under a hooded cloak for the rest of the year.
I want to have my tan, sun bleached hair and 14 year old body back.
I want to press pause and make the world stop while I chill out a little.I want to bear witness to a federal crime and get a new identity.
I want to live within the pages of Lula for the rest of my life.
I want to get lost in the woods and survive on berries and stream water.
I want to write my next article with a victorian quill.
I want to die Anna Wintour and be born Jim Morrison.
I want to wear my Moschino belt so much that people forget who I am and only remember me for wearing that belt.
I want to punch the next person who attempts small talk with me.
Lula, knightcat, cobrasnake.


thischicksgotstyle said...

Hahah great post!
I also really like your outfits and you're such a pretty girl!
Very nice blog!

Anonymous said...

You are amazing. You're so beautiful and inspiring and I read your blog every day. Every day you don't post is a day I lack motivation. x

F Blog said...

amazing. I loved reading this. I wish I could wake up and be Jim Morrison too.

F Blog said...

oh shit and i forgot to say.. no i actually wasn't quoting arrested development.. but i fucking love that show.. and props to YOU for knowing what it is.. i feel like no one has heard of it.. well around here anyways!

blackbook said...

interesting reading...i want a typewriter too...really appeals to me for some reason..

Birgit said...

I want the same, every little thing. And I want to read your blog more often cause it's really cool.

xx Birgit

trigg and trig. said...

umm seriously?? hilarious. you are now known as a Moschino belt to me.
awesome blog. tradsies on links?

filthy lust said...

hope you are able to achieve some of those!

kirstyb said...

your blog makes me giggle xoxoxo

Charmaine said...

at least you know what you want! i don't even know what i want ... fuck. hahahahah

elizabeth said...

When I watch t.v. or movies and see people that get into witness protection, I completely want the same thing. New name, new identity, no expectations from anyone b/c no one knows you. Kind of awesome.

---I want my student loans suddenly paid off.

---I want to sing like Axl Rose.

---I want to have a giant garden so I never have to go grocery shopping ever again!


Anonymous said...

You are so bloody cool! Your blog is great and I'm following. xx

Emma said...

Love this post - very bittersweet and so true! I agree with a ton these!!

D E E said...

That's me :)
I've been living in my Moschino lately too.
I want to be able to fly.

n_at__al_ia said...

that was soo good.
soo good.