May 15, 2009

"Maddona is a crack whore"

So last night I pretty much felt king. You know those nights you go out and you feel shit hot even on an extremely high level of sobriety? Yeah, that good.

Anyway my brother (bless his academicly inclined soul) was determined I took off my lace singlet - "Miann, Maddonna was a crack whore and I don't want people thinking you're a crack whore too". Nawww.

I don't have a picture becuase my night was cut short by the cold, and a fight with the bf.

So much drama.

Wore my old/new wittner heels, leona edmiston opaque stockings, borrowed dress and vintage lace underneath.

Try and get a photo soon.

Much love, Miann.

P.S: Fuck you Northernhemispherians for getting summer soon.


Anonymous said...

your outfit sounds hawt!
hahah thankyou for your comments
idk wtf goin on with those pics i fixed it again for the ka-drillioninth million time bleck!
ummm..yeah i want one but i don't know if i wan my therapist to be around the corner from me, i feel like i cant go down her block bc it makes me feel weird lol-if doesnt scream how much i need help then...

hey! i posted a pic of the haircut i want...check it out and telll me what you think
yeahhh mannnn those deers are scary as hell

thank you for the fuck-im am officially not a virgin come this summer hahaha lmao
xox Kelsey

p.s. i don't know if i told you this but i lvoe your name
really cool chick

MIANN said...

Yeah I'm really awesome hey. bahahah!

That crop is so sweet you should man up and get it done! Fix those pictures I want to seeee!

Michelle said...

Miann, I absolutely l o v e your blog. Please hurry up and get a camera so you can post all your outfits!!!!!!!

MIANN said...

At michelle:

I'm working on it! Hopefully bf will take some photos soon. Thanks for your support, how sweet xx

CAMILLE said...

cant wait to see some of these shit hot pictures haha

camille x

jessica said...

hmhm, summer soon :]

matilda said...

answer: the ring comes from Topman! xxx

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see the pictures. sounds like a funny night.

vorega badalamenti said...

wanna see your pict..
btw wanna xchange link? =)

Marian said...

the outfit sounds like a winner!
have a gorge wknd xx

styleburst said...

Your outfit sounds so good! I'll wait eagerly for your photos! :)

Great blog! I added you in my "lovelies" list! ^^


Bia said...

great blog you have here ;)

blackbook said...

dressing like a crack-whore maddonna seems like the way to go...sure it would look good.

MIANN said...

@ styleburst: awwww thanks, if had one on my page you'd be in it too ;)

I think the maddonna reference was because of the lace... Still waiting on photos. I think I'm going to save for a camera haha

loft in soho said...

The summer is near, yeah!
amazing blog <3<3<3<3
I hope to see your outfits soon,
thanks for your visit dear,


Anonymous said...

sounds gogeous!

Katy said...

sounds pretty awesome!!

please check my blog out,

Anonymous said...

would love to see a pic!

Anonymous said...

your brothers funny