May 7, 2009

Outfit Repeater

The first time I heard the term 'outfit repeater' was on Lizzie McGuire in like 6th grade when the mean chick was screaming it at Hillary. Poor little Hillary before she lost about 10kg and stuck a set of horse teeth in her mouth.

Anyway, should I completely repeat this outfit tomorrow night? I'm talking ev-er-y-thing... right down to the jewelry. Is that sad? Or should I cave in and wear my new Zimmermann (the same dress I wore last weekend... twice)? Shocked and appauled by my limited choices? Yeah, you would be too if you had to support an addiction on my budget.

Hat, vintage from Retro Metro, Paddington. Dress, Emma Rea from Fallow. Bag, vintage from St Vincent de Paul. Bangles/ring, Diva, vintage, my Grandmother, Red Bull. Watch, Time magazine from Subscription Services. Heels (not shown), Wittner.

Hint: Click photo to make it bigger.


Anonymous said...

aww you look so cute and sexy at the same time!
which is very hard to achieve..its gotta be innate haha
i think that when the pockets are empty, if you've gotta double up on one outfit do so.
sometimes when an outfit is sooo great you just have to wear it again to make sure EVERYone sees it bahaha
and usually when im about to commit an 'outfit repeater' as lizzy calls it (READ: i use to LOVE that show, the lil animated lizzy was my favorite and i liked her bestfriend Miranda she was cool :d) ...something else will click and you'll dig something old outta your closet and add it too the already perfect outfit making it into something completely new!

well hope that works out for ya..

p.s. you are too funny i love getting a comment from you, we are really starting to seem like two peas in a pod..i bet if you were in the states or if i was lucky enough to be in Australia atm we'd be digin each other as amigas..

oh! and i added your crazy australian ass to my side bar :D

xx miss you too!!

Ashita said...

Hey just came across your blog and i absolutely love it.

Outfit repeat? It is the recession right and there are no freakin jobs... maybe K Rudd should give us some well deserved payouts ;)

Your outfit is hot, wear it with pride! Don't worry bout how often you "repeat" it.

jessica said...

repeat baby !
call it an encore performance ;)

the maisies said...

aw, i miss lizzie mcguire!

Noshabelle said...

Aw, I love your outfit - so repeat!

freestyler said...


angie said...

amazing! i love ur blog

kirstyb said...

I actually think I remember watching that episode of Lizzie mcguire. lol.
Loving the blog, xoxox

Anonymous said...

cool pic. i like the hat

liana said...

aahh, i remember the lizzie maguire show.
i say repeat it. definately. this combination works on many levels.
cute bag too.

CAMILLE said...

hahah well definetly dont rely on your bf again..thats such a shame. But they are actually a common belt I have seen them quite a bit so i would definetly keep checking on ebay.

camille x

filthy lust said...

ooh very nice.

*** said...

I love your hat. I always repeat outfits, if I feel sexy you better believe I'll be rocking the outfit until I find something else that makes me feel even better.

peace&anchorlove said...

Just came across your blog and i must say i really like this outfit. and you are adorable!