May 2, 2009

All tomorrows parties

Firstly, let me begin with an apology. I've been so fucking busy with work and study that I've been limiting myself to blogging to get over this academic hump.

In the mean time I've been listening to way too much Velvet Underground in the past few days. Nico was such a phenomenal inspiration to me a while back and I have decided to rekindle my love for her voice, style and mysterious demeanour.

I'm on my blackberry right now and can't upload any photos (I must ask frockwriter how she does it as she kept me up to speed with her RAFW coverage).

When I get the chance I'll post my latest outfit and reply to all your lovely comments.

Much love, Miann.


Francheska said...

Please post an outfit yesss!!!

Andd I tagged you to reveal 7 things about yourself!!!

F Blog said...

aw yay outfit post! and love the photos in your below post!

issye margaretha kamal said...

i'm on bb too . can i get your bb pin ?
*hope we can be friend.

Chels said...

Oh wow you're probably the only other person i've heard loving the Velvet Undergroud! for a while i thought i was the only one who's even heard of them
chels x