May 4, 2009

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henrik purienne

So I've been tagged by Francheska of Fashion Canvas to tell you all seven things you probably don't know/don't need to know about myself.

1. Conspicious consumption and the overt opulence circulating the fashion industry makes me sick. So much money that is wasted on fickle shit like an $8000 Hermes bag could be donated to charity.
2. I don't donate to charity (as much as I could).
3. I really want an $8000 Birkin.
4. I get off when people don't recognise me.
5. I want to look like every single female Henrik Purienne has ever photographed.
6. I like to pretend I'm hell French, though I only know the extreme basics of the language - the shit you learn off cartoons like Madeline.
7. I'm terrified of sparklers.


Anonymous said...

haha madeline and her fake french accent. i can teach you french. stuff you will use. like "merde" = "shit" hahah

Putri Erdisa said...

lol! I used to pretend that I'm French too, in every acc i made, i always put French as my country. :D


CAMILLE said...

haha i like no. 6

camille xx

Francheska said...

This is hilarious!!
I love number 4. I´m the same! :D:D!

Awesome stuff shared here!
Im gonna check the link out now!

liana said...

"we love our bread we love our butter.
but most of all, we love each other."
i fucking love madeline.

Miann said...

miss clavelle: somezing is not right!

Anonymous said...

ahaha so how do 1, 2 and 3 work together? you don't like the opulence of the fashion industry but you want a birkin?!! pluheeease.

MIANN said...

It's called sarcasm you anonymous fuckwitt