April 28, 2011

Buying Blackout Relapse

So it appears we have a little problem on our hands. And as alarming as it is I'm sure (I hope) that at least more than one of you can relate. Here goes.

A little while ago I had a buying black out; I'd purchased something off eBay in some sort of pre exam-educed online rage and had totally forgotten about it until the confirmation email popped up in my inbox. Like, what the eff, oops!

I've since recovered from this episode with a fresh outlook (thanks to my shrink) and a new dress (which, praise the lord, wasn't a total fucking disaster purchase). Life was good, I'd sorted my spending out and apparently was on the bright path to recovery. Though, judging by the surprise package from NastyGal sitting on my doorstep the other morning, I have relapsed.

What the eff is in that box? Why had I made this purchase? What is the meaning of life?

I pondered for a while and decided to check my credit card statement. Turns out after a ridic messy 4am break-up fight with my ex, I'd done the most logical thing a girl in that situation does, and confided in some online shopping.

Apparently, I'd fulfilled my yearning for a new pare of shades (and a turban, too wtf?). What's more is that my eyewear void has now been consolidated with a $40 pair of cat-eye frames*, that I'm actually now obsessed with. #Winning! And to think, Charlie Sheen thought he was killing it!

*Unfortunately my new sunglasses do not in any way remind me of batman. A girl can only dream.  

images: Nasty Gal, my blackberry


Kate Junior said...

I am gradually getting wise enough to wait until the next morning to review my 3am shopping cart, not surprisingly I usually don't buy any of it!

il ├ętait une fois... said...

BABEIN!!! i want these shades!! and i want a turban too! i totally had a what-the-fuck -did-i-buy-moment yesterday when there was a post office collection card on the letterbox... cannot believe i forgots about my proenza PS1 wallet. its like the teeny tiniest thing ive seen tho haha!!


that girl lucy said...

Hahah aw well at least ex's are actually good for something eh. Those frames are hot, and suit you perfectly! And I'm sure the turban can be equally hotttt, double score ;)

Kasturi S. // biggest fan said...

surely, catwoman will suffice?

but i totally understand your longing to be a dark knight! i mean who doesnt dude....

x, Kaz

Geneva said...

Love these frames, I bought a dark brown pair on ebay actually, I think they are exactly the same - $12.95 I think... 'intouchwithstyle' was the seller in case you want to stock up on other colours. x

Catherine *The Spring* said...

We'd be boring without our vices... and who'd want that? Super cool shades!
- Catherine at The Spring

Sandra said...

Stop taking photos of your self. Your blog is shit.

Miann - Fashion Falsehood said...

Hi Sandra. Thank you for taking the time to give me your feedback, I value your opinion greatly.

Next time I'm drafting a blog post, I will take into consideration your input, because its readers like you that I value so greatly and particularly target my blog at.

I hope I don't disappoint you with my next post and that your opinion of my blog will soon change.

Best regards


PS. In case you weren't sure, that was total sarcasm. Like I give a shit what an anonymous nobody thinks anyway.

Sandra said...

Hi Miann,

So glad you could take the time to reply to my post. Obviously you care enough to spend a few minutes writing a some what pathetic come back to an honest opinion of a long-time blogger. If you honestly believe anyone cares about your stupid 4am break up with your boyfriend and then your lame purchase of sunglasses, you are very wrong. Most girls I know would be spending their first moments of freedom out with the girls, drinking gin or sipping a cocktail. Not sitting at home on a computer desperately trying to make them selves feel better because they've just lost the "man of their dreams". Next time you feel it is necessary to pose (maybe topless? /slut, if thats the look you are going for) thing again. No one needs to see the photos you've taken on self-timer doing some "cutesy" yet ugly pose. So I write again, your blog is shit. Hearing your reply makes me laugh a little. You are one of those full of them selves fashion bloggers who thinks enough of them selves to be uploading not one, not two but multiple photos you have taken of your self in all your "ammazzzzzzzzing" purchases. So Miann, I say good bye, goodluck in the future, lets hope you make some improvement then maybe i'll be back for some more... untill then, good bye.. and your blog STILL sucks.

il ├ętait une fois... said...

Sandra your comments are totally uncalled for! i am appalled and shocked to see the constant & nasty hatred on a fellow blogger. NOT COOL guys!!


Anonymous said...

shut up.

thisiswhati'dwear said...

lol i think 90% of all online purchases would be made in the early hours of the morning... I do it ALLLLLL the time - Very bad habit! The glasses look great.

thisiswhati’dwear (Have a look at the leopard print carry on/uni bag I'm selling)

Georgia said...

Wow, Sandra you sound really personally afflicted by this blog, honey are you getting some help? Because all that time and effort put into your grammatically inept response was both embarrassing on your part and not entirely working in favour of your argument. If your blog is so great, let it speak for itself and oh, I don't know, maybe you'll actually stop feeling so jealous of Miann! Because let's face it, that's really where all your misplaced anger is coming from.

I repeat, are you getting some help? Maybe you should see a psychiatrist.

Anonymous said...

"Sandra" sounds like a fucking head-case lunatic.

m said...

omg! that sandra chick is so rude! dont worry about what she says. this is your blog and you are free to post as many selfies as you like! we love them!